Our Signature Treks

Our Signature Treks

Located in the heart of Nui Chua National Park, Vinh Hy has a pristine natural environment. Thanks to its incredible biodiveristy the park has been granted  “Biosphere Reserve” recognition by UNESCO.

With the help of our friends, the Raglai people (more info about them below), native to this mountain we have developped our own Treks so travelers can discover the Jungle leaded by ethnic people and experience it at the fullest.

Both our Treks are designed for FIT & Small Groups only from 2 to 12 pax.

Quality Standards
Quality Standards

Discover our Treks !

Nui Chua Experience - Night in the Jungle

2 Days 1 Night

Escape reality and the troubles of daily life with this easy trek to the heart of Nui Chua National park. Experience a night in the middle of pristine jungle, refuel your mind and disconnect from the real world in this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Wonders of Nui Chua

1 Day

Explore Nui Chua National Park with a day-long trek passing by two of its wondres, a 5 Story Waterfall and a Mystical Rock with astonishing views. Best one day tour of Nui Chua National Park. Starts from Vinh Hy

Raglai People of Nui Chua

The Raglai people are believed to have arrived to Central Vietnam around 2000 years ago together with the Cham people. Quickly, probably due to disputes between the two ethnic groups the Raglai people went on living in the jungles and mountains. In Vinh Hy, the Raglai left the Mountains only 50 years ago (after the war), making them true Expert of the Jungle.
They are the soul of our Treks, their relationship with nature and knowledge about the Jungle are in themselves an unforgettable experience for travellers.